A Picture

It slowly rolls off of her tasteful tongue

It wisps gradually into the air like a song unsung

Her fingertips glisten with the color on her nails

She exhales slowly as if she’s releasing the wind from her sails

Her eyelashes sway to the tune in her heart

Her red lips whisper a tale of sweet and tart

Her blonde hair rests upon the beauty of her face

This special soul shall always be a picture of love and grace

Rush of Life

It’s a fun ride so hang on tight

Keep clear visions in your head and never lose sight

Enjoy the excitement and feel the rush

It can absorb our souls and upon our bodies it can crush

It’s happiness and pain and sadness and glee

It passes by too fast, so preserve in your mind, everything you see

It’s a feeling, a taste, a sense, a thought, a sight

It is called life and we must breathe it in and live it with all our might

Snow Cover

The snow is on its way, it’s just around the bend

Pure white snowflakes, I hope, is what Mother Nature shall send

It shall fall like musical notes and cover the ground

The falling snowflakes create an unpolluted and hushed sound

The trees lose their leaves and a chill covers each limb

It brightens the earth, even when the day has grown dim

Each snowflake is exclusive and brings smiles to adoring faces

So get out the snowcats and snow shoes and let’s begin the sledding races

Me and You

As I walk along a path, I think of different days

I think of different choices, different feelings and different ways

My choices in this life, I have no regrets in making

I am far from perfect but I have always tried to give more and do less taking

My life was forever altered in my teenage years

I had a precious baby at my side and up to the heavens flew my fears

I love him more than life and forever I will

He is the peace in my heart, even when at times, my life stands still

A Petal in the Sun

The sun shines down and loveliness bursts free

The flowers come to life and breathe wonder into every tree

Each petal is of a beauty unknown

It whispers precision and all life is shown


Sing a song and dance to the tune

Shoot for the stars and walk on the moon

The universe is bliss and awakens a mind

Meet people of all sorts, evil and kind

Soak up the world and revel in its sky

Take a vast dive from the edge and soar and fly

Life is Amazing

As I silently sit, I am in awe of all living things

The music I hear is that of heavenly harp strings

My life is pretty and lovely and I could never ask for more

The beauty of Nature that surrounds me brings peace deep within my core

You see, to one hundred years old is my goal of life to live

I shall always walk upon my own two feet and of all of my heart I shall always give

When my day arrives I want to leave this earth with laughter and a smile

I shall be that shooting star you see that goes on mile after mile

On the day God releases me from my wonderous journey and brings me to his home

I shall send angels down from up above to help those who have left their souls to despairingly roam

I shall hear the song Amazing Grace

I shall see smiles and happiness upon each and every face

I am but a simple soul who wishes peace for all

May we all live a life of integrity and rise above ourselves each time we fall

Life’s Grace

He floats upon a raft through the waters grace

The sun is shining brightly upon his young sweet face

He pushes himself along with a ragged ole pole

Nature is precious for a young or old soul

Slowly he floats with the breeze at his back

Self confidence and humbleness is something he will never lack

The sweetness he shows comes from purity and love

The peace within him is like that of a beautiful white dove

The Puzzle Pieces of Life

Life is like a puzzle, that’s true you know

A footprint shall be embedded on any path you choose to go

Look to the beautiful world when you are sad and blue

A tiny splash of sunshine shall always be placed upon you

Be all that you can be and make this life good

Be the person you are and do the things you should

A soul can be lifted and become as light as a feather

The pieces of life’s puzzle shall always fall together

Fall is in the Air

The elk are bugling and songs of love they sing

The cows hear their calling like a telephone ring

They get down and dirty and as stinky as could be

Their sense of smell is keen but true love is all they see

They clash mighty horns to see who is the best

They show their mighty stature in this once a year quest

To have a harem of their own is what makes them grand

To see an elk in a mudded up wallow makes a heart truly fond of our nature and land